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About Dhirendra


LALKITAB was published between 1939 to 1952 AD , Popular views say Pandit Roopchand joshi was the original author of this book , originally this book was written and published In Urdu as LAL KITAB KE ARMAN,LAL KITAB KE FARMAN, LALKITAB GUTKA .

Later Pt. Roop chand joshi written compiled and enhanced version as LALKITAB 1952 .

LALKITAB is based on SAMUDRIKA SHASTRA and follows KaalPurush kundali,many concepts in Lalkitab are different than traditional astrology example artificial planets(sun+venus=jupiter) known as Masnoi grah, Dhoke ka grah , Rashiphal ka grah ,Grahphal ka Grah , scape goats ,Soya ghar and Soya Grah etc.

Lalkitab remedies are also scientific and follows unique prinicples, which is based on to restore the ancient values of our social system,each planet has signification for living and non living things.

Efficacy of LALKITAB remedies vary person to person based on belief ,conviction and method of UPAY ,but most of the times ,Remedies are found to be effective. LALKITAB has remedies for Marital unhapiness ,delay in marriage , financial prosperity, delay in child birth ,children education ,children health health problems , Litigations ,business problems, House and Property

Accuracy of timing events is also good in Lalkitab ,from your horoscope you can findout which is the Good year and Bad year for yourself , for Son ,daughter ,brother, sister, father, mother, accordingly remedies can be suggested.


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