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Nadi Astrology


In our ancient system of astrology there are various branches , Nadi astrology is one of them, Many Nadi granthas still not
available in Sanskrit and hindi, some Litreture is available in south indian languages.

Popular Nadis are Bhrigu Nadi , Surya Nadi,Chandra kala Nadi, Kuja Nadi, Budha Nadi,Shani Nadi etc.

Two Great astrologers Late R.G. rao and Late C.S. Patel have done great research work on Nadis .I follow RG Rao Nadi system based on Navgrahas which I learnt from him thru Guru and Shishya parampara.

RG RAO Nadi System : Guru RG Rao system is based on Karkatwa’s of Planets , each planet has been attributed certain Karaktwa.The combinations of Planets from the Rasi chart will give the prediction , not much emphasis given on Lagna and house Divisions.

Planet combinations result has to be kept in mind before giving prediction Eg . Mercury is considered for Intelligence , Sister , Business and friend, Saturn for Profession , Venus and Mars for marriage, Sun for Progeny and father .

How to Predict : Select the Subject you want to study and consider the relevent planet for analysis, count 1-5-9 , 3-7-11,2-12 And conjoin the planet posited degree wise.

Transit is the most important feature in this system to predict the events accurately based on yoga formed , among all
planets jupiter has got Maximum importance in Nadi system.


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